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    產品分類: 工業冷水解決方案

    Industrial chiller applications:

    Plastics Industry : Accurate control of various plastic processing mold temperature , to ensure the stability of product quality.
    Electronics industry: internal stability of electronic components in the molecular structure of the production line to improve the pass rate of electronic components , used ultrasound
    Cleaning industry , effectively preventing costly and volatile volatile cleaning agent brings harm.
    Electroplating industry : Control plating temperature, increasing the density and smooth plating , electroplating shorten cycle , increase productivity, improve product
    Machinery Industry : Control System Pressure oil temperature , hydraulic oil temperature stability , prolong oil use time and improve the efficiency of machinery lubrication
    Rate, reduce wear and tear.
    Construction industry: the chilled water supply concrete , the concrete requirements of the molecular structure suitable for construction purposes , effectively reinforced concrete
    The hardness and toughness.
    Vacuum Coating : vacuum coating machine temperature control to ensure high quality plating .
    Food industry: food processing for high-speed cooling after adapt packaging requirements, in addition to the control of temperature and other fermented foods .
    Chemical Fiber Industry : freeze drying air , to ensure product quality.

    In addition, this also applies to the die-casting equipment , ultrasonic cleaning cooling , printing, bio , vegetables , pharmaceuticals , flowers , gardening , and other related industries. It can precisely control the temperature of the industrial modern mechanized production required , thus greatly improving production efficiency and product quality

    Main configuration:

    1 , Compressor: world famous brand compressor , high performance .
    2 , the pump : high efficiency, higher water pressure , power and durability .
    3, the heat : The heat exchanger is used to achieve heat exchange between the hot and cold equipment fluid. Condenser unit types : evaporative cooling , water
    Cooling condensers , air-cooled condenser, evaporator using interchangeable plates , flooded shell and tube , shell and tube type , Ferguson dip
    Bubble plate evaporator.
    4 , the controller : equipped with advanced temperature controller, stable performance, interactive interface , high control accuracy.
    5, the electrical components: unit uses electrical related accessories are: air switch , AC contactor, thermal relay.

    Unit features:

    Performance and stability: the use of imported famous brand compressor , built-in security protection, low noise , power and durability .
    Leading Technology : failure alarm, self-test , the signal output , temperature monitoring at all levels , with a host linkage.
    Energy efficient : classification according to the actual situation of custom cooling and improve the evaporation temperature , the compressor group get changed EER
    Highly accurate : with imported precision digital display temperature controller can precisely control the temperature .
    Security and stability : the electrical part of the famous brand products are used to ensure the long life of the machine is stable , safe operation .
    Easy maintenance: anti-static spray enclosure, Europeanization design, elegant , easy to disassemble the outer plate , and easy maintenance .
    Promise compressor energy regulation , the cooling capacity of the compressor can be adjusted according to the water temperature.
    Electronic expansion for the fluid , precise control for the fluid pressure of the compressor according to the return air temperature .


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