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    產品分類: 花卉行業解決方案

    ★ flower refrigerator :
    The commonly used flowers fresh flowers are also divided into cold cold cold and frozen flowers , fresh flowers is talking about the library 's cold temperature, humidity, gas composition adjusted to the optimum storage environment under the flowers to inhibit the role of open flowers , fresh flowers cold temperature class generally between 2-30 degrees, relative humidity library is generally controlled between 60% -98 %.

    Frozen flowers mainly used for cold storage of food products, flowers or flower specimen cryogenic storage products , and the general nature of the cold storage freezer almost freezing temperature according to the production process will be adjusted to the library with flowers below 0 degrees. Frozen flowers by a combination library -style products at low temperatures the purpose of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in order to prolong the storage period .

    Flower cold , outside the storage space of flowers be insulated and mechanically sealed manner inside the space temperature , humidity, gas composition is adjusted to a certain range as to prolong the storage period .


    ★ Solution:

    In addition to flowers, cold temperature and humidity requirements than other cold outside , on the cold and wind speed internal airflow requirements are very high. In order to maintain the shelf life and storage quality of flowers , the installation of cold storage library to do the return air system , the flowers cold air system back guarantee under the premise of air to minimize the amount of air velocity , because High-speed cold air has a very big impact on the flowers storage configuration.

    Because there are flowers respiration during storage , so the freshness of the flowers cold ventilation device to do if a store of value is higher, the flowers are needed to make the gas conditioning equipment , air conditioning equipment to control the use of the air component library to achieve high -quality content storage purposes.

    Flowers in cold storage and cold storage equipment selection aspects of the design should be based on strict , especially cold storage insulation board insulation properties of thermal insulation and refrigeration equipment temperature control accuracy problem must be resolved.


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